Teen gets house arrest after shooting stepdad in face with crossbow, attorneys say

Cincinnati-area teen shoots stepdad in face with crossbow, gets house arrest
Published: Apr. 26, 2022 at 12:53 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (WXIX/Gray News) – An Ohio teenager charged with intentionally shooting his stepfather in the face with a crossbow is out of jail just one day later, placed on house arrest.

The stepfather suffered injuries but is alive.

The 17-year-old’s mother and stepfather supported the request from his public defender during his arraignment Monday morning.

Attorney Luis Godines stressed that the teen, who is a high school junior, has never been in trouble with the law aside from a traffic issue until Springfield Township police responded to the family home Sunday night.

According to a recording of the 911 call released to WXIX, the teen’s mother asked dispatchers for an ambulance and said, “My son shot my husband with a crossbow.”

When the dispatcher asked if the shooting was intentional or accidental, the teen’s mother said, “It was intentional.”

She began to cry, telling her husband to sit back, repeating her request for first responders to “hurry.”

The arrow, she told the 911 operator, “went through his mouth and it’s coming out the back.”

She told her 55-year-old husband, who was unable to speak, not to pull out the arrow.

“Where is your son now?” the dispatcher asked her.

“He’s sitting out in the street,” she said.

“Does he still have the crossbow in his hand?” the dispatcher asked her.

“Yes, he still has it,” she said.

“And do you know why he did this?” the dispatcher asked her.

“Anger,” she responded.

Then the teen fled the scene in a vehicle, according to a recording of the call. Police went out with stop sticks used to deflate tires and stop fleeing drivers.

Her son was in custody shortly after and, in an interview with police, admitted to shooting his stepfather in anger during a physical and verbal dispute, his arrest report shows.

The assistant prosecutor requested the teen be held at the juvenile detention center because of the nature of the crime. The prosecutor also expressed concern that the teen had access to weapons.

Hamilton County Juvenile Court Magistrate Liz Igoe, however, agreed with his public defender.

“Do you have any concerns about him returning home for your safety?” she asked his stepfather, who was released from the hospital in time to attend the hearing remotely.

“Nope,” the man responded, sitting up to answer and visible on camera with a large white bandage on his head.

“Do you have any concerns that if he were released to you, he would not follow the rules and reappear in court?” Igoe asked.

“I mean, that’s something you will have to talk to him about because he’s got a problem, you see what I’m saying?” his stepfather told the magistrate.

“Mmhmm,” she responded.

“I don’t have no problem with it, but that’s something that you’ll have to drill to his head, to do what he need to do,” the man said.

The house arrest comes with conditions that the teen is only allowed outside of the home to go to school or must be with his parents at all times close enough to touch, Igoe ordered.

She also said he must undergo mental health counseling and is being given a guardian ad litem – a guardian that a court appoints to watch after someone during a case.

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