Rising diesel prices are leading to negative trends in the trucking industry

Diesel prices hit an all-time high nationwide.
Published: May. 5, 2022 at 11:00 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - According to AAA, diesel prices are continuing to skyrocket to new highs as the national average reaches $5.37 per gallon.

Those prices pumping up costs for the trucking industry and the services they provide.

Drivers say they’ve never seen anything like these prices and believe the continued increase may not be sustainable.

These record prices are taking a toll on the trucking industry as a whole.

“When you’re increasing these all-time high prices one to two dollars more than it was last year when you can only get several miles on a gallon, that directly impacts the efficiency and the cost of materials,” explained Florida Trucking Association CEO and President Alix Miller.

This increase almost doubling the costs drivers pay for fuel.

“Like right now I just put 50 gallons in it came out to $296. Just two years ago for 50 gallons it was like 100 and something dollars,” shared longtime truck driver Luis Cruz.

Cruz says he’s been an owner and operating driver since 2014 and says he has never faced a fueling crisis like this before.

“It takes a toll on your paycheck, big time. Especially if you are a owner and operator,” broke down Cruz. “You know if you are an owner and operator you have to take into account how much fuel you’re wasting, and how fast you’re going.”

It doesn’t stop with drivers like Cruz however, Miller says this increase is impacting almost everyone.

“It’s going to affect every single consumer. Product has to have a fuel surcharge based into whatever product is being hauled and so it cost everyone,” said Miller. “This is a really great example of how vital and essential trucking is to your daily life.”

Cruz fears longtime drivers may hang their keys up if prices don’t drop but says he’s not holding his breath.

“If they can drop that fuel price down, that would be a big help. You know but that’s not gonna happen,” sighed Cruz.

Cruz says that while this increase does impact the bottom line of current drivers, he believes it shouldn’t deter new drivers from joining the industry.

Miller says she hopes Congress sees the problem in the trucking industry and acts quickly to fix it before it’s too late.

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