Residents fed up after string of shootings in Wood Valley Apartments

Residents at the Wood Valley Apartments say they had enough after two shootings happened in the span of a few hours.
Published: May. 10, 2022 at 10:30 AM EDT
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THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WCTV) - Residents rattled by gunfire at a Thomasville apartment complex are calling on police to do more to stop the violence.

Two shootings less than 24-hours apart have people living on edge in the Wood Valley Apartments on Altman Avenue and Warner Street.

Police say the first shooting happened after midnight Thursday, injuring one person in their mid-twenties. No injuries were reported from the second shooting Friday morning. However, several people from the complex are taking a stand and share that enough is enough.

“It’s becoming a huge safety issue,” said one resident that wishes to remain anonymous. “The children can be out in broad open daylight playing, and there was a situation once before where they had to run into people’s apartments because someone was out here shooting during the daytime.”

Residents say just a year ago the complex was quiet and safe, but the gun violence has become so frequent now that they can barely sleep at night.

“I was keeping count but now I have lost count because it’s been just that many,” said someone from the complex.

Lieutenant Toby Knifer with the Thomasville Police Department says through the investigation it is believed the two shootings are somehow related, however the department is still actively investigating. He says the victim from Thursday’s shooting had non-life threatening injuries and has already been treated and released.

While residents are asking the apartment’s staff and law enforcement to do more, officials say the community could also do more by speaking out and sharing information with the authorities when these incidents happen.

Anyone with any information regarding the shootings are asked to contact TPD at (229)-227-3249.

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