FINAL: UCLA eliminates Florida State 2-1 (LIVE BLOG ARCHIVE)

FSU's Parker Messick shows emotion after retiring the side in the opening game of the Auburn...
FSU's Parker Messick shows emotion after retiring the side in the opening game of the Auburn Regional(Ryan Kelly | WCTV Sports)
Published: Jun. 5, 2022 at 2:09 PM EDT
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AUBURN, Ala. (WCTV) - Hello once again friends. Ryan here at Plainsman Park as we get set for an elimination game between FSU and UCLA. As I type the Bruin’s leadoff man is stepping into the box so let’s get to it.


BOT 9TH - One hit, no runs, no errors, one LOB

-Rank K’s looking. Season over.

-Albert K’s. Rank is the ‘Noles last, best hope.

-Roberts puts one to the warning track in dead center. Runner advances, one out.

-Tibbs puts a leadoff single to left. Isaiah Perry in to pinch run.

TOP 9TH - Three hits, one run, no errors, one LOB, 2-1 UCLA

-UCLA strands a runner on second. FSU has three outs to extend the season.

-Bruins lead. Carson Yates takes one over the wall. 2-1

BOT 8TH - Nothing across

-Alonzo Tredwell on the mound to start the eighth for UCLA. Fourth Bruin hurler today.

TOP 8TH - Two hits, no runs, one error, two LOB, 1-1

-F8, side retired

-Meat goes to the pen, Davis Hare coming on for the ‘Noles.

-Seminoles in a little trouble. Crowell’s got runners on the corners with two out after a pair of singles.

BOT 7TH - No hits, no runs, one error, none LOB, 1-1

-’Noles work a walk, get picked off, get an error and then hit into a FC.

TOP 7TH - One run, two hits, no errors, two LOB, 1-1

-FSU gets out of it with a 6-3.

-A walk and a single have Crowell in trouble. Bases loaded, one out. They’ll look to see if this single will stand. Call overturned, but UCLA still has two RISP with two outs.

-Hit and a FC and Scolaro’s career day is done. Wyatt Crowell coming on for FSU.

-Tie game, Karros gives one a ride to left center. 1-1

BOT 6TH - One hit, one run, no errors, none LOB, 1-0 FSU

-Roberts takes one to center and just misses it.

-Tibbs just misses back to back jacks hitting one to the deepest part of the park.

-FSU is on the board a solo shot for Jamie Ferrer over the wall in left sees it 1-0 ‘Noles

TOP 6TH - Nothing across

-Career long outing for Scolaro continues with another perfect frame.

O’Canada - Nothing across

-No Maple Leaf magic as the ‘Noles put nothing up.

TOP 5TH - One hit, no runs, no errors, one LOB

-Bruins K to retire the side.

-Kenny Oyama tries to small ball the runner over and it doesn’t work. Score it a 3-6.

-After retiring seven straight, Scolaro surrenders a one out single to left.

-Rank stays in a third.

BOT 4TH - Two hits, no runs, no errors, two LOB

-Rank on to pinch hit for Lacey. He’s called out on strikes trying to hold his bat up on ball four.

-FSU might have something cooking here. Runners on the corners and two outs.

TOP 4TH - Nothing across

-Scolaro has really settled down here. He deals another perfect inning.

BOT 3RD - One hit, no runs, no errors, one LOB

-A couple pop flies and the side is retired.

-WP advances Vincent to second.

-Colton Vincent works a one out single.

TOP 3RD - Nothing across

-Scolaro works a perfect frame

BOT 2ND - One hit, no runs, no errors, one LOB

-Roberts aboard with a one out single but nothing else to report.

TOP 2ND - One hit, no runs, no errors, two LOB

-Scolaro battles back by retiring three straight.

-Kyle Karros leads off with a double for UCLA and then Scolaro surrenders a walk. Two on, none gone.

BOT 1ST - One hit, no runs, no errors, none LOB

-Back-to-back outs and then Martin gets caught stealing. It’s technically runner’s interference as Martin gets hit by the ball but no matter what the side is retired.

-Tyler Martin aboard with a leadoff bloop single to center.

TOP 1ST - One hit, no runs, no errors, one LOB

-F7 retires the side

-Bruins get a bloop single no no man’s land in shallow left.

-Jonah Scolaro surrenders a leadoff walk but bounces back with a 4-6-3 DP.

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