‘Renaissance’ Woman: Tallahassee native helps produce multiple songs on Beyoncé's newest album

Denisia "Blu June" Andrews helped work on eight of the sixteen tracks of Beyoncé's new album Renaissance.
Published: Aug. 6, 2022 at 1:02 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - In the spring we told you about Denisia “Blu June” Andrews, a producer and song writer from Tallahassee that won a Grammy for her work with Jazmine Sullivan.

But her newest achievement is her work on eight of the sixteen songs on Beyoncé's newest album, which came out last Friday.

Denisia Blu June Andrews has the accolades most would dream of. She’s a Grammy award winner, and has worked with the top artists in the industry, but none bigger than Queen B herself on her new album, Renaissance.

“Its just super fulfilling. I’m just so happy to be a part of it with somebody of her caliber trusting me and trusting Chi, my partner and so yeah I’d do it all over again,” said award-winning writer and produce Denisia Andrews.

Andrews says she had no clue how much of her work would be on the album until it finally released. And when she saw she helped produced eight of the sixteen tracks, she couldn’t believe it.

“It’s super hard to just land one placement but to place eight times and fifty percent of an album. I think I can pat myself on the back and actually be proud of this moment,” expressed Andrews. “Because this is the moment as a creative that you worked towards and I know it’s going to open up so many more doors. So I’m just super excited man.”

Her feats, are seen as an inspiration for those close to her.

“Just to see her come from Tallahassee for one, but just to come from somebody just working a regular job and we used to make music in the studio and complain about jobs and saying how we wish we could make music full time and you know she actually made it happen,” broke down Andrew’s colleague and friend Glenn J. Hutchinson Jr.

Hutchinson says he and Andrews collaborated a lot during their time in Tallahassee and says her pure soul is what sets her a part.

“I’s a lot deeper than just her music. I mean she is a beast the music as well but I think how she is as a regular person, she expressed that and her music so it goes hand-in-hand,” shared Hutchinson.

While Andrews believes this moment is one of the highlights of her career, she says she wants to do so much more.

“I want to be a mogul. I want to sign artists, I want to put out music myself and maybe do some acting and you know just a bunch of stuff. So stayed tuned, we gonna see,” ensured Andrews.

Andrews continuing to push forward with those supporting her saying they’re committed to always be by her side.

“Now it’s the world. She’s inspiring the world and I just want to say I love you and congratulations and if you ever need anything I’m here. Thank you,” Hutchinson said.

Andrews says that she can’t wait to show people what’s coming next and that she wants to pay it forward and help other talents fulfill their dreams.

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