FAMU officials share update after students relocated from dorm due to building problems

FAMU officials share an update after students relocated from dorms due to building problems.
Published: Sep. 1, 2022 at 8:00 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) Hundreds of Florida A&M University students relocated within the past week after officials say there was a pest problem in one building and flood damage in another.

WCTV spoke with the director of housing, Dr. Jennifer Wilder, and she said the university is still on track to move students living at the Palmetto Phase Three apartments back to their rooms tomorrow and for students who were flooded out of Polkinghorne Village, they’re still on track to move in on Saturday.

One sophomore FAMU student, Cynthia Frage, said the motel they were placed in wasn’t any better than being on campus.

“I feel so overwhelmed. I still feel overwhelmed to this day,” the FAMU student, Cynthia Frage, said.

Frage says she was shocked to get the message that she had to move out of her room at the Palmetto Phase Three apartments barely two weeks into the new school year.

“We were so confused. We didn’t know why it came out the blue with less than 24 hours notice of us having to move out,” Frage said.

The Phase Three apartments were cleared last Friday so exterminators could handle a roach infestation. The reopening that was set for Thursday was pushed back a day after ongoing concerns.

“We wanted to make sure things that still needed attention were taken care of, so I walked again this morning and there are still things that need to be taken care of, but it looks better than it did yesterday,” direct housing, Dr. Jennifer Wilder, said.

Dr. Wilder says 297 students were moved from Phase Three, additionally, 128 students were displaced from the Polkinghorne Village after a trash can fire set off sprinklers causing flood damage.

The students from both dorms were put up in hotels and rode shuttles to and from campus.

“This was not the experience we wanted our students to have. We are doing the best we can to manage the situation and to get them back to their living situation as quickly as possible,” Dr. Wilder said. “But we wanted to make sure we addressed all the issues before we have them.”

The students were understandably upset by the circumstances and frustrated with FAMU’s handling of it all.

“It was just so much and I’m emailing and emailing, a lot of us were, and nothing was working out, so I just really wanted to cry in the end,” Frage said.

Dr. Wilder said they discussed giving students an information sheet when they return here to Phase Three on how to help avoid another pest problem. She also said they have pest control services operating twice a week on campus.

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