First Female Chief of Police sworn in for the City of Midway

Kristie Cobb gets her pinning and is sworn in as the first Female Chief of Police of Midway.
Published: Sep. 9, 2022 at 12:46 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - History was made Thursday night as the City of Midway honored their new police chief with a pinning, making her the first ever female chief for the city.

The milestone also made Kristie Cobb the first female Chief in the Big Bend area and she say, she has so much more to accomplish.

This historic moment is something Chief Cobb says she never thought of for herself but now that she’s here, she says she’s on a mission to prove she deserves the title.

“To show those who have doubt that women can’t lead, that we can lead and not only can we lead but we can lead to the top and bring others up with us,” shared New Midway Chief Kristie Cobb.

The City of Midway says they’re excited to has Cobb as their new Chief.

“We have had a lot of Chiefs come and go and Kristie has been there through all those transitions and she stayed there,: said Midway Mayor Ella Dickey. “So it’s just time she took the helm. She knows what to do, she knows all about midway, she lives here, and she works here.”

Cobb’s loved ones and law enforcement family came out to support her during her pinning ceremony, proving to be something that means the world to the new Chief.

“I’m not new to Midway but I kind of stayed in the backdrop. I’m not one to be on camera or always on the same but to see everyone that came out today to support me, it really made me feel special,” explained Chief Cobb. “And show me the support that I’ll have on this journey as the new chief.”

Those present Thursday say they couldn’t see themselves being anywhere else.

“It was an honor to just be able to just see the go over her face and to know that she excepted it for one thing because she didn’t wanna except it offers so she excepted it,” shared Mayor Dickey. “But it was just great to just know that wow, we made history.”

Chief Cobb says she wants to restore the community interaction the police department has with Midway community and wants to be a role model for little black girls looking to follow her footsteps.

“This is black girl power and this is the year of the woman. Don’t let nobody deter you from what you want to do. Just seek it out knowing your mindset,” exclaimed Chief Cobb. “If you have to wake up everyday and look in the mirror and push yourself. If you’re the only one pushing yourself then continue to push yourself and you shall achieve anything that you want to do in life.”

Chief cobb says she’s excited to take on her new position and with her support system behind her, she knows she’ll be successful bringing in a new era to Midway.

Cobb also says she’s looking to help her department grow and have a huge impact on the community.