Protesters take to the Florida Old State Capitol Building to protest against unjust life-sentences for non-violent crimes

Operation Overtime hosted a rally at the Old State Capitol Building to put a stop to unjust life-sentences for non-violent offenders.
Published: Oct. 13, 2022 at 12:16 AM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - About two dozen protesters took to the steps of the Old Florida State Capitol Building Wednesday afternoon. The group says they’re looking to put a stop to what they’re calling unjust natural life-sentences for non-violent crimes.

The protesters made their points clear Wednesday by saying they feel death by incarceration for non-violent crimes should be no more.

The event, hosted by Operation Overtime, a Florida unjust life sentencing project, brought a couple dozen protesters from all across the state and as far away as Texas, to fight against life sentences against non-fatal and non-physical contact crimes.

The group says the life sentences not only impact the lives of the families involved but the pockets of tax-payers as well. According to the latest analysis of state data, Florida spent 330 million dollars last year for it’s life without parole population. A change these protesters say they would love to make.

”I’m not advocating for soft on crime by any means and I am not advocating on tough on crime. I’m advocating for smart on crime, fair sentencing, fair and just sentencing,” explained Operation Overtime Founder Audrey Jennings Hudgins. “And there’s absolutely nothing fair about giving someone a natural life sentence at 21 years-old or any age.”

The group says they plan to have a rally once a month for the next eight months with the next rally scheduled for November 14th.

Hudgins says ”A sentence that is too long is just as unjust as a sentence that is too short” and she feels that encapsulates their whole movement.