FDLE analyst testifies that evidence suggests at least 85 shots fired in Half Time Liquors shooting

Wednesday marked another day in court for De’Arius Cannon, one of the men accused of shooting into a crowd outside the liquor store in October.
TPD and FDLE both responded to the scene.
TPD and FDLE both responded to the scene.(WCTV, Sam Thomas)
Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 7:30 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Jurors heard key testimony from investigators, the medical examiner, and an FDLE crime lab analyst as the trial for De’Arius Cannon resumed Wednesday.

Throughout the day, evidence presented aimed to paint a clearer picture of the events that unfolded on October 29.

Among those on the stand Wednesday, investigator Nick Roberts with the Tallahassee Police Department. Roberts testified that he interviewed Cannon at the hospital after the shooting took place. Roberts told the court Cannon said he ran away from Half Time Liquors after shooting broke out. Roberts said Cannon also told him he heard bullets fly past him as he was running, prompting him to fire back.

Roberts testified that Cannon did not have a license to carry the gun, and said he told Cannon it was possible that the shots fired could have been among those that hit innocent bystanders in the crowd.

Another officer who took the stand Wednesday described the moments she heard the shots and ran toward the scene. She testified that she found victim Demario Murray laying on the ground, and attempted CPR to save him.

“I went ahead and started CPR on the male on the ground and then while I was doing CPR I realized that there were still people running around which turned chaotic- running, screaming, hoping over vehicles,” the officer said. “Fearing for both of our safety, I went ahead and again un-holstered my firearm that I had put up to start CPR. So at that point I had my firearm in my left hand and doing CPR with my right hand.”

Experts also walked through every evidence marker placed at the scene. An FDLE crime lab analyst shared that he analyzed 85 shell casings left at the scene, which suggest that at least 85 shots were fired.

That number is an increase from the “more than 40 to 50″ shots that were estimated in court documents released on October 31.

The court was given a first-hand look at rifles along with ammunition and other firearms that were impounded after being found in the parking lot of the store.

The state plans to call one more witness on Thursday- the lead investigator in the case.

As of Wednesday evening, it is not yet clear if Cannon will testify in his own defense as the trial continues the rest of the week.