Something Good - FAMU professor dedicates jingle to his mother and goes viral

Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 6:49 PM EST
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -The smooth vocals of a FAMU professor captured the attention of not only his students but thousands of TikTok viewers.

Dr. Jamal Brown is a FAMU professor in the College of Pharmacy and dedicated this lecture to his mom, who lived with type two diabetes until she passed.

One of his students recorded the now-viral moment.

Brown was born and raised here in Tallahassee.

Growing up, music was a major part of his life. All FAMU alums, his father and brother both played for Marching 100 and his mother played the piano.

He said it’s something he used growing up when he was having trouble remembering things for school and now he’s happy to be able to do that for his students.

Put a tune to difficult studies. Dr. Jamal Brown used his keyboard and his vocals to help his students memorize their lesson on diabetes.

“I decided at 4 a.m. on Tuesday and I thought let me just grab my daughter’s piano that I bought and put it in my trunk just in case.

He never imagined that a last-minute decision would net more than 60-thousand views.

“This is just wow,” said FAMU professor Dr. Jamal Brown.

Brown hopes the newfound platform can help spread awareness for a cause that hits near and dear to his heart.

“My mother was my first teacher of diabetes. She was the first person that I saw that talked about blood sugars and the need to be careful about eating different foods,” Brown said.

His mother, Jacquelyn Williams Brown died in 2019 and had battled diabetes brown’s whole life, battling type 2 at her passing.

“Diabetes from what I see now on the other side. When I look at her death and walk backward. Diabetes is the thing that starts other conditions that sometimes other patients have,” Brown said.

Now, Brown uses her death as an opportunity to educate his students.

“I want to make sure people know how to live and live right. If you talked to my mother, she was sharp as a whiz about any medication that she was taking. She knew everything she was doing and I’m just inspired,” Brown said.

Brown said he knows his mother is smiling down.

“I know that she’s smiling and I know that she’s happy to see me because she knew me when she was at FAMU, as a professor so to know I’m still at FAMU as a professor and we’re talking about things that really impact patient care and improve patients quality of life. I know she’s happy,” Brown said.

We asked Dr. Brown now if this was something that we could expect to see more of in the future and he said that he’s now considering starting a youtube channel so we’ll have to keep our eyes out for that.