Zoo welcomes 3 newborn sand cat kittens

The Ross Park Zoo welcomed three new baby sand cats to the park. (Source: WBNG)
Published: Mar. 18, 2023 at 12:43 PM EDT
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BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WBNG/Gray News) - A zoo in New York has welcomed three new baby sand cats.

The Ross Park Zoo in Binghamton has the newborn sand cat kittens already on display as they arrived last month and are all in good health.

“We are super excited to welcome visitors now to come in and catch a glimpse of our sand cats,” Ross Park Zoo’s Executive Director Phillip Ginter said.

The zoo’s two adult sand cats, Kaya and Amal, were acquired from zoos in California and Utah to become mating partners.

For those who come to see the baby sand cats, Ginter said it may take a little bit of luck to be able to view them.

“When visitors come, don’t be surprised if the kittens aren’t out and visible because their mom is doing her job and protecting them and keeping them safe from any perceived threats,” Ginter said.

The sand cat is a small wildcat native to warm climates like the Sahara Desert and Central Asia. They live in an indoor habitat at the zoo so they can stay in a warm climate.

More information about the Ross Park Zoo is available online.