‘A Passover Miracle:’ Chabad House FSU debuts new home for holiday after last year’s fire

Chabad House Passover
Published: Apr. 5, 2023 at 6:02 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - At Chabad House FSU, the tables are set and ready to go for a Passover celebration tonight unlike any prior.

Rabbi Schneur Oirechman was bouncing around his new modular home- a temporary building that will host dinners, Seders, and worship for months to come.

It’s been nearly a year since that Jewish community was shattered by the overnight fire that destroyed their synagogue. An investigation determined it to be an accidental fire.

“You feel like you’re never going to get there, but luckily we live in a wonderful city,” Rabbi Oirechman said.

The modular buildings arrived two months ago. Since then, it’s been a race to get the facility up and running for its debut Wednesday night.

“It was a very challenging year, but we focused on taking the challenges and turning them into an opportunity,” he said.

The space comes with three hand-washing stations, perfect for ritual handwashing before prayer.

There’s also a commercial kitchen, which was bustling Wednesday afternoon. The fridge was stocked with Seder staples, and mouthwatering brisket simmered inside the industrial oven.

“Passover is all about freedom. Freedom from external challenges and internal challenges,” the Rabbi said.

The Rabbi says the building is a $500,000 investment, but their fundraising campaign has nearly raised that much in the last year.

Once the holiday is over, their attention will turn to hiring an architect to build the new permanent structure.

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