Jury deliberations in Gillum trial will stretch into a third day

Verdict could come this week in conspiracy, fraud trial of Andrew Gillum
Jury deliberations set to resume Tuesday morning
Published: May. 1, 2023 at 6:45 AM EDT|Updated: May. 1, 2023 at 5:53 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - The second day of jury deliberations has concluded without a verdict in the conspiracy and fraud trial of former Tallahassee mayor and Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

Jurors will return at 9 a.m. Tuesday to continue deliberating. The jury was dismissed just before 5:15 p.m. Monday.

Gillum and his former campaign advisor Sharon Lettman-Hicks are named in a 19-count indictment that accuses them of skimming money from campaign contributions during his 2018 run for governor.

Gillum is also accused of lying to the FBI about gifts he received during a trip to New York with undercover agents.

During deliberations Monday, the jury continued to ask questions. Jurors asked for a table of contents for evidence exhibits and for clarity on what would make Gillum guilty.

Prosecutors allege the former mayor made two false statements, and jurors questioned if both statements need to be proven false to find him guilty. The judge responded that only one statement needs to be false for Gillum to be guilty.

On Friday, the jury asked when they would be dismissed for the day; if one defendant could be found guilty of fraud and the other could be found innocent; and for a layman’s definition of a material fact.

The deliberations follow eight days of testimony at Tallahassee’s federal courthouse.

The jury deliberated for approximately four hours Friday afternoon.

WCTV’s Staci Inez will be monitoring developments at the courthouse as Gillum and Lettman-Hicks await a verdict.

Editor’s Note: WCTV previously reported the jury had reached a verdict. That update was erroneously posted.

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