‘It’s a loss you just can’t describe’: One year after TPD Officer Christopher Fariello’s on-duty death

Fariello was killed when a fleeing suspect crashed head-on into his patrol car
Tallahassee officer remembered one year later
Published: Jun. 8, 2023 at 4:41 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - One year ago, 33-year-old Tallahassee Police Officer Christopher Fariello died in the line of duty. This day is a somber reminder of the dangers our local officials face working in law enforcement.

Fariello was on the police force for three years and came from a family with more than 70 years in law enforcement. TPD Chief Lawrence Revell said this is a day he’ll never forget. Revell was out of town at the FBI National Academy when someone came and knocked on his door telling him he needed to call his office.

Chief Revell said Chris’ squad mates described the officer as smart, outgoing and fun-loving.

Fariello had been with TPD since 2019 and the police department said he was living out his dream working with the department.

“It’s a loss you just can’t describe. As the head of an agency, to know that one of your members, one of your brothers in arms, has paid that ultimate price,” Revell said.

Fariello was killed on June 8, 2022, when a man crashed head-on into his patrol car. The crash happened after the man allegedly shot three of his family members and attempted to flee.

Friends, family and fellow law enforcement officers filled the Civic Center Wednesday morning...
Friends, family and fellow law enforcement officers filled the Civic Center Wednesday morning to celebrate the life of Tallahassee Police Officer Christopher Fariello.(Savannah Kelley -- WCTV)

Revell said as the head of an agency, Fariello’s loss is one that’s truly hard to put into words.

“When I think about Christopher, I think about how much he wanted to do his job. He knew what his purpose was, he knew what his call was, and he worked hard to become a police officer, especially for the Tallahassee Police Department,” Revell said.

Revell said Fariello loved his job and loved his community, and he would’ve done whatever it took to protect it.

Last month, Fariello’s family and members of the Tallahassee Police Department made the trek to our nation’s capital to honor his life during National Police Week.

Fariello’s memory also lives on with a scholarship fund in his name. His family continues to work with Tallahassee Community College to help the next generation of law enforcement. The scholarship helps cover the cost of the police academy, books and uniforms. It’s raised more than $16,000 so far.

As for the suspect, 38-year-old Tyrone Cleveland is still behind bars and awaiting his trial. He’s charged with murder and three counts of attempted murder. His next court date is set for June 14.

Fariello was killed in June when a suspect crashed into his patrol car.
Fariello was killed in June when a suspect crashed into his patrol car.(WCTV)

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