New real-time crime center opens in tallahassee

The leaders of the multi-agency initiative celebrated the grand opening with a ribbon cutting.
Regional real-time crime center opens
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 10:47 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - Officials celebrated the opening of a new real-time crime center in Tallahassee Friday.

The center is located at Florida State University’s Sliger building at the Innovation Park. The Florida State University Police, Tallahassee Police Department, and Leon County Sheriff’s Office collaborated with researchers in efforts to make the community safer.

Although the center is now officially open, the operation began in February, according to a press release from all three agencies. Since then, the center has assisted in a number of SWAT calls and in the recovery of more than 120 stolen vehicles, the release said.

In continuing the operation, law enforcement agencies will utilize cutting-edge technology to solve crimes faster, Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil said.

Officials will be able to use camera feeds to identify criminals and track people in real time to see what kinds of crimes they are engaged in and put a stop to it, McNeil said. He also said the in-house learning lab will allow researchers to analyze crime trends in efforts to prevent them.

The ongoing research component also serves as an opportunity for students studying criminology and criminal law to gain hands on experience in the field. FSU student Johnathan Caswell shared his experience working in the lab.

“We’re building analysis tools, systems, and documents on our end to keep doing this and be able to build something,” he said. “I know eventually I’ll graduate and go somewhere else, but I’m building these systems, putting them in place, and leaving instructions so that whoever the next graduate student is that comes along, can keep doing what I’m doing and keep getting involved.”

Caswell also said the center puts out surveys for randomly-selected residents to provide feedback on crime, safety and satisfaction with law enforcement. They also have the opportunity to express their feelings on the technology used my law enforcement.

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