New security screening now at all Leon Co. high school football games

First Football Friday Night with new security measures
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 10:28 PM EDT
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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - All varsity high school football games in the Leon County School district now require fans to walk through a metal detector or be screened with a metal detection wand before entering the game.

Fans at Gene Cox Stadium told WCTV they’re happy to see this extra layer of security. One parent, Ycherra Lucky, said she feels better bringing her kids to games now that these screenings are in place.

“You know, everybody should just come out and enjoy, have a great time,” Lucky said. “It shouldn’t be all this craziness at an event like this, you know. So with them taking extra precautions, I’m glad about it.”

The new metal detectors come after two recent safety scares at Gene Cox this season involving people bringing or attempting to bring airsoft guns into the stadium, but it also comes after an uptick in violence at high school football games across the country.

“The ultimate goal here is to create a safe environment for our fans and our families to come and enjoy themselves in our stadiums during the Friday night football games,” said Jimmy Williams, chief of LCS safety and security. “But it’s just an unfortunate situation that our entire country is facing right now with elevated violence and acts of violence that are unprecedented.”

The new security measures will require fans to walk through metal detection devices or have a metal detection wand passed over their person in order to get into any of the venues in Leon County.

Fans who plan to attend a game at Gene Cox Stadium will see both walk-through and wand devices used. All other venues will use wand devices only. LCS Spokesperson Chris Petley told WCTV’s Alison Posey that more walk-through metal detectors are being purchased for all other venues.

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