16th annual Southwest Georgia 65 Mile High Cotton yard sale

Southwest Georgia High Cotton 65-Mile Yard Sale
Published: Nov. 9, 2023 at 3:09 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 15, 2023 at 2:23 PM EST
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ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) - Kalyn Diehl, volunteer with the 16th Annual Southwest Georgia 65 Mile High Cotton yard sale joined WALB’s Jim Wallace, to explain to people what this yard sale is all about.

It’s going to start Saturday

“Yes, uh, this yard sale is really just Getting some fun stuff. Get people and more traffic towards our little small county and get some cool stuff to take home with you.”

Now this starts in Fort Gaines. It runs all the way through Camilla on Hwy. 37. What will people see if they come out?

“Yes, they can see a lot. There’s yummy foods to satisfy you while you walk around to look at all the cool stuff you get to meet a lot of sweet people. See what our country is all about. And yeah, that’s.”

Tourism is a big thing for the people to come out and see, and this is a big event. People come from all over the South to come to this.

“Oh yeah. Oh, absolutely.”

Well, tell us about it if people come out, how do you recommend they go? Where do they go? Where should? They start.

“Oh my goodness. So we encounter County Oregon around the courthouse. They have a bunch of people just lined up with so many things, some little things to look at and. I would definitely start there. It’s very, very fun that people are kind and you get to see our little county. So that’s.”

And a lot of people want to sell as well. How do you take advantage of that if you want to? If you decide you want to go set up a booth, the table.

“Well, you need to contact the land owner or the business owner and kind of let them know that you want to set up and just kind of get that information or you can contact the counties by themselves and see if you can set. It’s kind. Of like a first come, first serve. Place this uh, but yeah, you just ask. Them and get. All that figured out and you can. Set up and start so”.

And you can sell anything You want?

“Yes you can.”

It’s just like a yard sale, all right. It starts Saturday 7:00 and you recommend people go to Ft. Gaines or go to Morgan to start out.

“Yes, absolutely.”

All right. Thank you very much. Kalyn Diehl with the 65 Mile High Cotton yard sale this weekend, it’s an event.