Here are the most searched Thanksgiving side dishes in each state

FILE - Google has come out with a list of the most-searched side dishes for each state.
Published: Nov. 21, 2023 at 11:04 AM EST
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(CNN) - What side dishes do you plan to serve with your turkey this Thanksgiving?

From cranberry sauce to sweet potatoes to green bean casserole, there are so many options!

Google has come out with a list of the most-searched side dishes for each state. The data was compiled between Oct. 6 and Nov. 6.

Many states seem to love casseroles -- green bean casserole as the most searched overall.

Some states however like Hawaii, Kansas and Wyoming searched for more unique side dishes like bruschetta, cucumber salad and creamy polenta.

Here is the list of the most searched Thanksgiving side dishes in each state, according to Google.

  • Alabama: Corn casserole
  • Alaska: Green bean casserole
  • Arizona: Green bean casserole
  • Arkansas: Sweet potato casserole
  • California: Stuffing recipe
  • Colorado: Green bean casserole
  • Connecticut: Green bean casserole
  • Delaware: Stuffing recipe
  • Florida: Sweet potato casserole
  • Georgia: Broccoli casserole
  • Hawaii: Bruschetta
  • Idaho: Twice baked potatoes
  • Illinois: Coleslaw recipe
  • Indiana: Corn casserole
  • Iowa: Green bean casserole
  • Kansas: Cucumber salad
  • Kentucky: Broccoli casserole
  • Louisiana: Green bean casserole
  • Maine: Green bean casserole
  • Maryland: Corn salad
  • Massachusetts: Green bean casserole
  • Michigan: Sweet potato casserole
  • Minnesota: Green bean casserole
  • Mississippi: Green bean casserole
  • Missouri: Stuffing recipe
  • Montana: Homemade mac and cheese
  • Nebraska: Twice baked potatoes
  • Nevada: Corn casserole
  • New Hampshire: Green bean casserole
  • New Jersey: Cornbread recipe
  • New Mexico: Green bean casserole
  • New York: Roasted potatoes
  • North Carolina: Green bean casserole
  • North Dakota: Smoked mashed potatoes
  • Ohio: Scalloped potatoes
  • Oklahoma: Sweet potato casserole
  • Oregon: Green bean casserole
  • Pennsylvania: Mac and cheese recipe
  • Rhode Island: Green bean casserole
  • South Carolina: Mashed potatoes recipe
  • South Dakota: Green bean casserole
  • Tennessee: Potato salad recipe
  • Texas: Green bean casserole
  • Utah: Mashed potatoes recipe
  • Vermont: Gratin potatoes
  • Virginia: Cornbread recipe
  • Washington: Green bean casserole
  • Washington, D.C.: Roasted carrots
  • West Virginia: Sweet potato casserole
  • Wisconsin: Green bean casserole
  • Wyoming: Creamy polenta