Florida Prepaid College Board


Open Enrollment is Feb. 1, 2020 – May 31, 2020 and is the only time families can buy one of 5 Prepaid Plans that lock in tuition at current plan prices, starting at $44 a month. The Florida 529 Savings Plan can be purchased year round. Application fee is waived throughout May 2020.


Florida Prepaid is the largest, longest running and most successful prepaid plan in the nation -- with more than 2 million Florida Prepaid College Plans purchased and more than $14 billion in assets.


This year, families can purchase a 4-Year Florida University Plan for a newborn for as low as $176 a month, a 2-Year College Plan for $53 a month or a 4-Year Florida College Plan for less than $115 a month. The Board also offers a 1-Year Florida University Plan, which starts as low as $44 per month and covers 30 university credit hours. Multiple family members can purchase a 1-Year Florida University Plan for the same child, sharing in the cost of going to college, and allowing families more savings options. Families can also find a new Prepaid Plan online pricing tool that makes it simple to determine what the various plans would cost based on a child’s age, as well as explore the different payment options available.


Every Florida Prepaid College Plan is fully guaranteed by the State of Florida, meaning families can never lose what they save in a Prepaid Plan. Prepaid Plans allow families to prepay the future cost of college at today’s plan prices. When it comes time for college, Florida Prepaid pays the actual price of costs covered by the plan. That means families don’t have to worry about how much costs go up in the future. Florida Prepaid figures all that out, and manages the investing to ensure funds are available for the costs covered. One of the most common questions families ask is, “What if my child does not go to a Florida College or University?” The answer is that although each option is designed to be used at a Florida College or State University, the value of the plan, meaning what we would have paid here in Florida, can be applied to other schools nationwide. For answers to other common questions, check out these FAQs.

Learn more about our plans at www.myfloridaprepaid.com.

Prepaid Plan Open Enrollment ends May 31, 2020 – get started today!