Hurricane Preparedness 2016: College Preparations for Hurricane Season

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By Charles Roop
May 30, 2016

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) - FSU is ready for the next storm. They haven’t had a strong direct impact in recent memory, but the school has planned for any tropical threats.

“We’re done a number of exercises regarding a hurricane landfall,” FSU’s Emergency Management Director Dave Bujak said. “Decisions will have to be made days in advance.”

Those decisions include what to do when a storm threatens a football game, and if students need to take shelter on campus.

“We also recognize that a lot of our students don’t have the luxury of jumping in their car and going home,” Bujak said. “We’re always prepared to accommodate them if it comes to that.”

In the event of a threatening storm, there are things that students can do to prepare.

“Just like you would at the end of your college career, you want to make sure you have a kit and you have a plan,” Bujak said.

Students should have enough supplies to last a few days. A kit should include plenty of bottled water, batteries for a radio and a good flashlight. A battery pack for your wireless phone will also help keep communication open.

Florida State has been fortunate enough not to experience a direct hit, but this also means that they’re tried to learn from other schools who’ve gone through hurricanes.

“We’d have to say at this point that the university and its current administration and employees is really untested when it comes to facing a real tropical storm or hurricane threat,” Bujak said.

Other local colleges and universities have posted their emergency plans and procedures on their websites. Some of these plans also include other natural or man-made disasters. The following links are to PDFs from their respective schools.

Florida A&M University

Tallahassee Community College

Valdosta State University

Chipola College (Marianna, FL)