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Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 5:55 PM EST
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Powerbill Solutions was created with the simple concept that customers pay too much for electricity. Simple solutions are available today that have a positive cost saving impact on these monthly bills. With a knowledgeable review of a customer’s current expense and usage of electrical power, charges can be reduced to varying degrees.

Powerbill Solutions reviews the customer’s energy use habits and budget with results aimed at achieving the highest ROI and cost reduction. This is achieved through modification or replacing costly heating and cooling appliances with efficient systems of renewable energy. To put it simply Powerbill Solutions is the maestro of heat transfer.

In conjunction with the results of a detailed review, a Federal Investment Tax credit of 26% is taken into consideration and applied to the savings. An interesting fact about the installation of renewable energy and the tax credit, is that the system may add value to the home from a resale standpoint but property taxes will not be increased.

To back up Powerbill Solutions mission and commitment, strong company guarantees were established and implemented as follows:

Customers are guaranteed that every effort will be made to mitigate and to eliminate high electric power bills.

Only products made in the USA will be used in Powerbill Solutions installations.

Guarantee that systems will perform as designed.

Units will be sized properly for the building.

Units will be properly installed, with correct exposure to the sun.

Utilize cost saving systems that are appropriate and practical.

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