Wednesday's Child: Meet Christian

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
May 24, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- WCTV and Werner Hyundai are teaming up to highlight local foster children and foster parents.

This is Christian's story.

"I love to fish," says 16-year-old Christian. “Started fishing when I was twelve.”

He fishes with all different kinds of bait.

“Live baits, lures, bread, bacon, chicken liver,” says Christian.

You could say Christian is “hooked” on fishing.

"I go for anything that grabs on,” he says. “Rivers, lakes, ponds…wherever there’s fish, I fish at.”

And it turns out, he’s pretty good.

"Christian is a funny kid,” says Christian’s Case Manager, Jamie Honerlaw. “He likes to make people laugh. I know for a long time he thought he wanted to be a comedian, because he loves to make people laugh and whatever it takes to get that going."

But there’s so much more to Christian and his knowledge of fishing. Jamie, who’s been with Christian for a time now, sees the good times and the bad.

"People are dealt with certain hands that they can't change,” says Christian. “If I was able to change the hand I was dealt with before all this happened... I would've changed it."

At age sixteen, Christian remains in the foster care system.

"I pray every night to find my way through life hoping that stuff will be peaceful and no one will have to deal with the nonsense that people go through today," says Christian.

"I hope that Christian is able to get a family that will love him and nurture him and help him become an even greater man, that I know he is going to be," says Jamie.

Christian is not giving up hope just yet.

"God has a plan,” he says. “God always has a plan for everybody."

He’s always looking for a chance to get out on the water, and maybe to “lure” in a forever family too.

"There's always things you can learn about fishing," Christian says.

"There’s always good things and bad things about life,” he says. “This is just one of the good ones"