$100 million in SunPass bills still pending

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By: Capitol News Service
February 6, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) – Florida lawmakers were told at least $100 million is still being invoiced to SunPass and toll-by-plate users after the state switched vendors last summer.

Millions of bills are still in the process of being sent out after system failures raised questions.

DOT District Four Secretary Gerry O’Reilly says the state never planed for the system to work immediately, but was surprised when it went south.

“So, there was never a plan to send out invoices a day after we went live. It was, get it ramped up, get it running, but that period from mid-June to mid-August was crazy, and then when things settled down, from the agency's perspective, it was, we’re going to check this and make 100% sure this works properly,” said O’Reilly. "Whatever was checked in the past is great, but we’re gonna do it again and prove to us that all the different scenarios that could be envisioned for a customer invoice have been checked, and that this system is producing this correctly.”

The final batch of bills, some of which date back to last July, will go out this week.

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