102 and 88-year-old release their first music album

Alan Tripp and Marvin Weisbord release their first music album at 102 and 88 years old. (Image via CNN)

December 6, 2019

(CNN) — You can feel the groove at any age. Two men, one 102 and the other 88, just released their first music album together.

It started out with Alan Tripp's Poem "Best Old Friends."

Tripp wrote it to celebrate all the new friends he has made during his stay at a Pennsylvania retirement community.

His friend and neighbor Marvin Weisbord set it to music and the rest is history.

Before they knew it, a whole community joined together to sing along with them, producing the album called "The Senior Song Book."

According to the website, the album is filled with "music like the 1940s" with "words for the 2020s."

Check it out for yourself here.

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