3 arrested in dramatic takedown for alleged plot to kill, rob armored truck employees

By: CBS News
March 2, 2018

MARTIN COUNTY, Fla. (CBS) — A fleet of law enforcement vehicles stopped traffic on a major highway Tuesday morning as part of a dramatic takedown of three men accused of plotting a violent robbery of an armored bank vehicle scheduled to pick up millions of dollars, reports CBS affiliate WPEC.

Authorities say the two-year plot was to rob and murder two armored vehicle employees, but they were able to arrest the men just hours before the deadly plan was to be sprung.

The Martin County Sheriff's Office released footage from their air units of the suspects being surrounded by a fleet of law enforcement officers, including from the FBI, on I-95 just south of the SR 714 exit.

The special operation spanned from Palm Beach County to St. Lucie County.

Suspects were identified as Daryl "Doo-Doo" Canady, Alger "Al" Lee Ellison and Martiavius "Man" Leon Williams. All three are from Palm Beach County.

WPEC reports that authorities say the group planned to rob a Loomis Armored Truck on its run to a PNC Bank in Port St. Lucie. They allegedly planned to take in millions after killing the two employees. Then, authorities say, they planned on attacking another armored bank car.

The suspects are in federal custody.

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