This 2nd grader holds 2 World Records

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO)-- Landon Minton is 7-years-old, he's in 2nd grade, and he loves basketball. He's also the youngest kid in the world to make a half-court shot.

"When he was 3-years-old he was shooting on an 8-foot goal and it seemed like he had a knack for it. He was very strong, enough to where we all just kind of took not," said Billy Minton, Landon's dad.

Landon often plays with his 13-year-old brother and isn't intimidated by the "big kids". At age 5, he asked his dad if they could start working out at their local YMCA.

They practice and do drills at least 3 nights a week, but like any kid, sometimes Landon doesn't want to.

"There are days just like any other kid, he don't want to come out here and workout, he just wants to come out here and play. So, he picks games with other kids," said Billy.

Landon told us he does have a favorite go-to move.

"When you steal the ball and go for a layup," said Landon.

But hitting his record-setting half-court shot was his favorite move of all. That was a move he had to work for.

"When he was 6, we were shooting out at the house, there were some older kids there, I was actually at work and he's always been out there with us shooting and my wife said 'I swear he hit a shot that- it had to be more than a 3 point shot'," Billy said.

Upon doing some research, they found the youngest kid to hit a 3-point shot was also 6, but Landon was a few months younger. They took a video of his shot and submitted it to and they approved him as the world record holder.

"From there he said 'what can we do next?' A half-court shot of course," said Billy.

So Landon began working to get strong enough to shoot from that far on a regulation-sized court.

"People think I'm too little but when I get out there I'm just better than some of them," Landon said.

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