How to talk to your children about the Orlando attacks

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Orlando's shooting is difficult for adults to comprehend, but even tougher on kids. So the question many are asking is, 'What's the best way to talk to our children about such a tragedy?'

Doctor Jan Neece, a pediatric psychologist at East Tennessee Children's Hospital says there's no single way to do it.

"The younger a child is and the more anxious their personality the less they're able to tell the difference of what is possible and probable," she said.

Teenagers are more likely to look at how things affect other people while younger children will worry about their own safety.

Wanting to shield your children from tragedy is normal, but keeping them from hearing about the Orlando attacks is almost impossible.

"I think (they are hearing it from) the media and also from friends. So, if they're at summer camp or at a pool or staying with relatives ... there's all kinds of ways they can hear about these things," said Neece.

"It's important to limit their exposure to coverage of these events just so that they are not constantly worried about it or on the other hand we don't want them to be numb to it."

She recommends limiting their social media.

"I think we have to be really careful about monitoring how much time they're spending looking up information on social media because they can traumatized by it." she said to remind them not everything they read on the internet is correct.

She says to tell children a general sense of what happened and let them ask you questions.

"There's all kinds of ways they can hear about these things so, we don't want to pretend it didn't happen and just act like we can shield them from the situation all together."

"Keep loving your kids and trusting your instincts."

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