Longtime scorekeeper retiring after 52 years

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REINBECK, Iowa (KCRG) -- If it is not in the book, it didn't happen.

Dick McCreery has kept the score book for the Gladbrook-Reinbeck Rebels for 52 years. But once the state tournament is over, McCreery is turning in his pencil. (John Campbell/KCRG-TV9)

That's the way they feel around the Gladbrook-Reinbeck boys basketball team which is currently playing at the state basketball tournament in Iowa.

At the Wells Fargo Arena, Dick McCreery is tucked in behind the Gladbrook-Reinbeck bench, pencil in hand, making note of all the baskets, fouls and other statistics. He's been keeping the official score book for the Gladbrook-Reinbeck boys and girls basketball teams for 52 years.

"When you get up into the 70s and 80s, you got to watch out so you don't screw up," McCreery said.

Accuracy is something McCreery prides himself on.

"Dick is always accurate. We go with what he has to say, very few changes. Every once in a while, he has a scribble. When I ask him about what the foul situation is, he says, 'What? Just look in the book.' It is right," said Gladbrook-Reinbeck coach Scott Kiburis.

How accurate? Most of the time it is right.

But this is McCreery's swan song with the GBR book. He is hanging it up after the state tournament.

"I thought 52 years was long enough. I was going to quit last year but I wanted to go through the Joe Smoldt era first. Then I will quit," McCreery said.

Joe Smoldt is the young man averaging 30 points per game for the Rebels.

As things stand now, McCreery and the Rebels are one victory away from winning a state title -- a going away present that would be hard to beat for the keeper of the books.

"Be good for everybody. The towns, schools and especially the players."

And the old scorekeeper.

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