Student manager spreads joy with her smile

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MARYVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- She lights up the gym, every time she smiles.

"Sierra is a amazing. she always picks me up when I'm down. To see her so happy, it's just a great experience to be with her," Kayla Romines said.

Sierra Morris is a student manager for the Heritage Lady Mountaineers in Maryville, Tennessee. She has Down syndrome, but don't think for a second that dims her spirit. Morris radiates positivity.

"I think that it just reminds us what basketball is about. Some days you're going to get frustrated, and then you see somebody like Sierra come in and she can change your mood," said teammate Maddie Sutton.

February was a big month for Morris. She was honored at senior night, and named Senior Homecoming Queen, voted on by her peers.

"It was a good. I got a crown. I got a pretty dress. It was green. It was pretty colors," Morris said.

For her mom, it was a surprise she didn't see coming and a moment she'll never forget.

"I was just overwhelmed with joy to just know that she is accepted at that level," said her mother, Tina Hundley. "Just blows me away."

And she had more compliments for her daughter.

"Her joy is contagious. She makes me a better person. She makes everyone around her a better person. She constantly reminds me what's important. She makes me happy and helps me enjoy life," she said.

Morris isn't just accepted, she's beloved.

From hugs to high-fives, everyone wants to share a moment with Miss Heritage High School.

"I think everyone benefits from knowing Sierra. She blesses everyone around her. Just seeing the way these girls rally around her and this school rallies around her gives me hope for the future," said Hundley.

Bringing hope for for the future all the while making everyone's day just a little bit better with that unforgettable smile.

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