Man rescues friend from burning home next door

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MT. MORRIS TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WJRT) -- If it wasn't for the quick response of a neighbor, one man might not be alive today.

He was saved by his friend, who ran into a burning house in Mt. Morris Township, Michigan.

Fred Lambert said it all began as he was sitting, watching a basketball game on TV Saturday night.

He then got a knock at the door from a woman who lives next door. She asked him to call 911 right away, saying that her house was on fire and that her cousin was inside.

Lambert dialed 911, but didn't want to wait for firefighters or police to get there. Even though he could see lots of smoke and flames in the kitchen, he ran inside.

Laying on the floor was the 66-year-old who lived there. Lambert quickly jumped into action, dragging the man to safety.

A few minutes later, they were able to pull him completely out of the house.

“Smoke was coming. I was catching my breath. I was looking at the kitchen because I didn't know if the stove was gas or what because the flames were getting really high, so I dragged him as far as I could,” Lambert said.

Lambert says a day before, he was watching 'Law and Order' and, ironically, it was about a family trapped in a house fire.

In the episode, someone broke a window to try to get in the house, but instead, oxygen got to the flames and made it worse. During his own rescue, another neighbor was trying to break a window to the home.

"I holler, 'Don't break the window, I'm in the back. If that air hits, this thing might just both go,'" Lambert said.

That 66-year-old was in critical condition, but he is improving in the hospital.

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