5th grader recognized for lifesaving efforts

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MENOMONIE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Graduation season is here, but for one Wisconsin fifth grader, a D.A.R.E. Graduation last week turned into a surprise, and a reunion.

The graduation ceremony started off as a way for students to share what they've learned about staying away from drugs and alcohol. But for this student, a D.A.R.E diploma was just one of the awards received Thursday. The other award, which came as a surprise, recognized his quick thinking efforts.

“The Dunn County Sheriff's Office hereby awards the lifesaving award to Nick Scheff,” Dunn Co. Division Captain Kevin Bygd told the crowd gathered at the D.A.R.E Graduation.

Back on Nov. 7, Nick was at home with his dad getting ready for basketball practice when he noticed the time.

“The reason I noticed was because I looked at the time and it was 5:28 and I normally leave for basketball at 5:15,” Nick recalled.

After searching the house and backyard, Nick found his dad, Greg.

“When I kept pushing him and saying, 'Dad, wake up,' he didn't wake up and he was breathing really weird. And then I went to the house and called 911,” Nick explained.

After being taken to the hospital, doctors discovered Greg suffered from a brain aneurism.

“It was pretty severe. When I got down to the hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, I was on life support. It was close,” Greg said.

Deputies say if it hadn't been for Nick's quick thinking, the outcome could be different.

For Nick, having his dad at the graduation Thursday came as a surprise as he is still recovering in Marshfield. As for summer vacation, the soon-to-be middle schooler already has plans for when dad gets out of rehab.

“Playing baseball in the backyard and going the water park and going to the field house playing football and basketball,” Nick said.

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