Students creating way for visually-impaired to play basketball

GOSHEN, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) -- A group of students from Oldham County, Kentucky has spent that past few weeks working to find a way to help the visually-impaired play basketball.

The students, from North Oldham High School, have worked on the project for two years and recently took a tour of the Kentucky School for the Blind to gather insight for their project.

“It's just a challenge, and I want to solve the problem and make this thing a reality so that people can enjoy it,” said student Cole Gerdemann.

Gerdmann and Allyssa England used feedback from students at the school to develop the system. It uses sensors in a grid line and lines the outside of the court to pick up movement.

“Try to figure out how to get that attached so it would be square, it would be strong and it wouldn't shatter the sensors if a ball hit it,” said Gerdemann.

The system was designed by the students who had no prior knowledge of programming or how to integrate the system.

They plan on testing the system at the Kentucky School for the Blind soon.

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