Father, son visit 47 Major League ballparks together

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ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) -- There are many activities a father and son can bond over.

For Dave Preheim, athletic director of Concord Schools in Elkhart, Indiana, he shares a special and unique bond with his father, John Preheim, through the sport of baseball.

"If we were at a city that had a Major League ballpark, we stopped to see a game," said John.

No big deal, right? A father and son going to a ball game in a different city from time to time. Most father and sons can say they've done that.

But for Dave and John, visiting just a few ballparks is a massive understatement.

Over the last 40 years or so, from when Dave was a little kid, he's been to 47 ballparks, old and new, with his dad.

Dave and John never intentionally meant to see every stadium, but it turned into a tradition to travel and visit specific cities that had ballparks they'd never been to.

"It kind of started as, 'OK, we haven't been here, let's go here,'" said John. "We would do a west coast trip and catch teams in Oakland, San Francisco or the Los Angeles teams."

"It's the best part," says Dave about visiting different cities. "Obviously what I do for a living, I love sports, but to be able to go and travel and do this with dad has been great."

Of course, you can't visit every ballpark without bringing back some sort of souvenir.

For Dave, it's collecting stadiums cups for each team, which he keeps on the top of a shelf in his office, organized by teams in their certain divisions.

For John, it's buying a team hat.

So out of all of the ballparks they've traveled to, which one has been their favorite?

Both Dave and John are diehard Yankees fans, so it's obvious that Old Yankee Stadium is at the top.

Beyond that, Dave enjoyed visiting PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Camden Yards in Baltimore and Petco Park in San Diego.

John agrees with the more modern stadiums but also gave credit to some of the more historic ballparks including Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.

"This hobby has worked out really well with what we both do for a career and we're both glad that we've had this opportunity," says Dave. "We're both in good health to do it and have the means to do it.

That's something I don't forget about, how thankful I am that we've been able to do it together."

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