Students rally after football player's family loses everything to fire

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SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) -- The Sherman High School community is rallying together to help out the family of one of their own, now left with nothing after a fire destroyed their Sherman, Texas home.

It was called the 'Rockins Rally.' The community cheered, the band played and the kids donated to show their support for incoming senior football player, Ty Rockins.

This all comes just a few days after the Rockins family lost their home to a fire and now their friends are rallying to help get them back on their feet.

"They have nothing, lost everything in the fire," Sherman High School teacher Douglas Holtzclaw said, who has also known the Rockins for many years.

"Happened all of a sudden, right before the season started, which is really devastating," Rockins' friend and teammate Nate Omayebu said.

Days before starting his senior year and football season, a fire ripped through Rockins' home.

His mom was sent to the hospital with minor burns from the fire, where his teammates met him that night.

"Most of the football team was at the hospital waiting room with him for a couple hours, and then we continuously check on him, make sure he's fine," Rockins' friend and teammate Trey Holtzclaw said.

But his friends' support doesn't stop there. Students, parents and coaches showed up at Sherman High School Thursday for a pep rally.

"He's a great kid. Everybody loves Ty," Douglas Holtzclaw said.

"I look at him as a brother and I'm always gonna be there for him no matter what," Omayebu said.

"Make sure he knows that we love him, we're behind him, we support him," Trey Holtzclaw said.

The fight song rang loud as Rockins' friends and teammates gathered around him.

"And this is just one way to support them through this little get-together and then showing our support through finances," Douglas Holtzclaw said.

Sherman High School teacher Douglas Holtzclaw is also leading a fundraiser for the family.

The kids are donating their own money and hope to spread the word to the community.

"They're just overwhelmed with the love and support," Douglas Holtzclaw said.

"Right now, we're getting gift cards together as the varsity team," Rockins' friend and volleyball player Rylie Bernard said.

"Money is what they need right now, so we're just doing all we can to help them, and it's good to see the community helping, pitching in, doing what they can," Omayebu said.

Rockins' mom is out of the hospital, but is still recovering from her burns.

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