Man and his granddaughter find joy in helping people

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NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) -- A North Platte, Neb. couple and their granddaughter from Maxwell, Neb. are helping people in the community take care of their lawns.

Larry Schnell said helping people is something he loves to do. But, he is hampered by back problems and cannot work the way he would like to.

When he asked for help, his granddaughter, Hannah Zimlich, stepped up.

"She's just a really good child," Schnell said as a big smile crept across his face. "She's very interested in helping people."

Together, they help elderly and disabled people in the community maintain their lawns.

"It makes me feel good about myself," Zimlich explained. "I go home and (feel) that I'm a good person. It builds my confidence knowing that I helped someone."

Zimlich doesn't get paid for the work she does. She volunteers to help people because she loves them. She especially enjoys helping her foster mother, who she calls grandma.

"I help Wilma mow her lawn and move wood," she said. "(I do that) stuff for her just because she's incapable of (doing) it."

Zimlich said she doesn't feel like a hero. She just feels like a regular high school kid.

She hopes to keep mowing lawns and helping people as much as she can.

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