Community rallies behind football player with spinal injury

HILLS, Minn. (KSFY) -- With just 80 seconds left in the game Friday night, a Hills-Beaver Creek football player in Minnesota suffered a serious and life-changing injury.

Now, people all over the region are coming together to support the HBC senior Trenton Bass, who is dealing with a major spinal cord injury.

At an away game against Mountain Lake, Minn., on Sept. 8, the incredible start to his senior season took a terrifying turn.

“You look forward to your senior year and he's been looking forward to this year for a long time,” HBC Head Football coach Rex Metzger said.

Bass was playing defense when he made a tackle with just over a minute left and an eight point lead in the season's second game.

“It did not seem abnormal; everything looked like it was a text book play,” HBC Superintendent Todd Holthaus said.

“Trenton will make the same play just like that one during the game like five times; it just happened to hit him wrong,” Senior teammate Preston Maassen said.

Many of his teammates are still shaken by what came next.

“It was pretty emotional, especially when we didn't know what was going on,” senior teammate Dean Fuerstenberg said. “At first, he thought the wind had got knocked out of him.”

But a few minutes later, the HBC football team quickly realized it was something much more serious.

“It was just tough to see him lay there because once he got his breath, then he couldn't get up and then they started to feel him and ask if he could feel them and he said no,” Maassen said. “It was just hard to hear.”

An update on the ‘Pray for Trenton’ Facebook page says he broke his C5 and C6 vertebrae and right now, he has no feeling below his breastbone.

“That's the toughest part, just the unknowns,” Coach Metzger said. “We're just clinging onto hope for Trenton. Every day we see some improvements for him and the entire community, everyone is just praying for him.”

While everyone knows Trenton faces a long road of recovery ahead, they also say he has a lot of support.

“We've been with him quite a bit this past weekend, and the players have been up there nonstop and the community and family members have been up there nonstop, and it’s just amazing to see all of the people that support and love him,” Coach Metzger said.

“He's got a lot of support. People have been outpouring throughout the community for him to make it through this. They're a wonderful family, and they’re going to make it through this,” Superintendent Holthaus said.

His teammates say every game they play the rest of the season will all be for Trenton, but they also said it was very tough to go to practice without him.

If you'd to help Trenton, his family and friends have created a ‘YouCaring’ page to raise money. There is also a ‘Pray for Trenton’ Facebook page with updates on his condition and a platform for people to send well wishes.

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