2 men build friendship after Hurricane Harvey rescue

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HOUSTON, Tx. (KALB) - As Hurricane Harvey has come and gone for parts of Texas and Louisiana, many residents are dealing with the aftermath of flooded homes.

About two weeks ago, a Bunkie, Lousiana native ended up saving another Bunkie native in Houston. But the story doesn't end there, as they're now working hand-in-hand rebuilding a home, and even building a friendship.

Eddie Scott is one of thousands in Houston picking up the pieces after Harvey, and had more than two feet of water in his home. Scott has been living in Houston for nearly 25 years, but first called Bunkie home.

"I was able to save my high school scrapbook,” said Scott. “I have the schedule here, Bunkie Marksville. It's the little things I cherish that means a lot to me."

But after the storm, there's more from back home he can appreciate now.

Joshua Bott is helping Scott clean out his home. He, too also lives in Houston, but calls Bunkie home. And even though they're both from Bunkie, they met for the first time just weeks ago. When he rescued Scott, he notice he was wearing a Bunkie High School shirt.

"It shocked me when I looked down at his shirt. I said, 'Come on man, you've got to be kidding me. Where'd you get that shirt from?'"

In a city with over 2 million people, it just so happens Bott ended up rescuing Scott, both from the same town of 4,000.

"I said, 'What you got a Bunkie shirt on for?' He said, 'That's where I went to high school at,' and I said, 'Me too.'"

So ever since then, Bott's been bringing donations and getting to work.

"Goes to show that we can all stick together and do things and help each other, everybody's not bad," said Scott.

Helping to rebuild a home, and building a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

"You know, God put us in that boat together that day so it's too many things like that to happen to say it was just a coincidence,” said Bott.

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