15-year-old donates over $10,000 to hospital on his birthday

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ST. JOSEPH COUNTY (WNDU) -- Most 15-year-old teenagers ask for birthday gifts.

Sam Bishop, a freshman at John Glenn High School in Walkerton, Indiana, asked for thousands of dollars -- yet he wanted none of it for himself.

"This I'll be happy with for a long time," Bishop said.

On Monday, Bishop's birthday, he presented a $10,343 check to A Rosie Place, the only licensed hospital in Indiana that is designed for medically fragile children.

"To have a teenager give up his birthday money or gifts or whatever and to come to us and say this is what he wants to do -- it was fantastic!" exclaimed Roberta Ziolkowski, who sits on the board for A Rosie Place.

Sarah Smith, of LaPorte, Ind., is the mother of medically fragile twins, Piper and Brody. She says Bishop's act of kindness helps out more than people realize.

"Most kids his age, especially 15-year-old boys, with the technology, the social media, the last thing that they think about is asking to help for other people, especially children -- especially medically fragile children," said Smith.

Bishop, who has Type 1 diabetes, raised the money on GoFundMe. He explained he came up with the idea after he and his mom, the CEO of A Rosie Place, were driving home from a less than desirable doctor's appointment this past summer.

"It makes me think I have it easy because all these kids have it so much harder than I do. It’s just so much more difficult. I was just thankful I had the opportunity like this to give back to them," he said.

Sam said he hopes to raise money for A Rosie Place as long as possible. He exceeded his initial goal of $9,250.

Tieal Bishop, Sam's mother, said the money he collected will pay for staff when A Rosie Place hosts its weekend sleepovers. She added the goal is to make the hospital a 24/7 facility in the second business quarter of 2018.

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