Ice cream store owners have love story that will melt your heart

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AUGUSTA, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) -- The Fannings took over the Pink Dipper in Augusta, South Carolina earlier this year. The ice cream store is a special place for the couple.

Suzanne Fanning said, "It is a cornerstone in North Augusta, everyone comes here and they have sweet memories here." Some memories are a little sweeter for Suzanne and Scott Fanning, the couple recently bought the ice-cream store. But their 'Pink Dipper' story started when they were kids.

The two grew up in North Augusta. Suzanne and her family moved there from Kansas in the early 90s.

Growing up, Scott and Suzanne went to church and school together.

Scott started working at the Pink Dipper when he was 15-years-old.

Suzanne said, "Little Scott was working behind the counter. Word on the street was he had a crush on me."

"I wouldn't say it was crush, to be honest with you. I loved her," Scott said.

Jokingly, Suzanne said, "I never realized this, because he wouldn't give me a free ice cream."

The two were great friends throughout high school. They went to prom together both years and just really enjoyed each others' company.

Once Scott graduated, they fell out of touch. You could say things went a little cold. Suzanne moved away for college. Then one day she got a message from someone on, it was Scott.

Scott said, "I had already lost her, so what was it going to hurt?"

"Our friendship grew back, it was like we never missed a beat," Suzanne said.

The two stayed in touch with the help of MySpace. Then Scott's life hit a rocky road: his mother passed away. Suzanne rushed back to North Augusta to be with Scott and his friends. Everything changed that week for the two.

Scott and his father were in the car when he jokingly told his father he would have to turn to him for relationship advice now. Scott said, "He just looked at me and said, 'I can give you once piece of advice: find someone who loves you just as much as you love them.'" Scott immediately thought of Suzanne.

Suzanne remembered what Scott told her before she left to go back to Florence. "He said, 'If this week hasn't taught me anything else is you should tell people that you care.'"

The two have been together ever since and have a child together. Things came full circle when they took over the Pink Dipper after the previous owners.

Scott said it was a tough decision, but someone gave them a sign at a church service. The sermon that day was about taking chances.

"You can play it safe and sit on the bench or you can swing for the fences. You might strike out, but could also hit a home run too," Scott said. So the two decided to buy the store.

They took over and don't plan on changing much.

It will still have that charm that everyone grew up loving. And continue to be a place where people can relive their childhood memories.

Suzanne said, "I don't think there's anybody in the world I would do this with, life and owning a business." That man, the same kid behind the counter that wouldn't give her free ice cream.

They'll keep serving that ice cream everyone grew up loving, with a warm smile. Make sure you eat it fast, because it might melt.

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