Students fight hunger 'One Dime at a Time'

ELKHART, Ind. (WNDU) -- High school, middle school and elementary students in Elkhart, Indiana did their part to help fight hunger. Kids went from class to class collecting money from students as part of their 'One Dime at a Time' fundraiser.

This is the third year the district has done the fundraiser. Last year, students raised more than $2,500. The money is benefits Church Community Services, an organization that helps feed the hungry.

"One in four children in our community don't know where their next meal is going to come from, and that's not 1 to 5-years-old, that's up to 18," said Jessica Hilary, director of the Student Hunger Drive of Northern Indiana. "So these students are potentially helping the person sitting next to them in class, or even next to them on the football field."

Senior Ashley Arroyo felt that the fundraiser was a great way to support the community at an early age.

"It's important to start young because this way you grow up knowing there aren't people as fortunate as you are," she said. "And this way you're more likely to help others that are in need that are around you and in your community."

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