He's 83 years old and a cut above the rest

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SHUBERT, Neb. (WOWT) -- Wilbur Last has plenty to do around the farm near Shubert, Nebraska.

"My wife is worried that I won't be able to cut up the firewood," he said. "We keep warm with the fireplace. We don't have a furnace."

Wilbur is 83 and he doesn't spend a lot of time just sitting around. He dropped out of high school at age 17 and ever since has been trimming and cutting down trees.

"You go up the tree with a plan and then when you get up there, you have to change your mind about something every five minutes," he said.

Wilbur nimbly climbed an extension ladder while the camera was there and went to work more than two stories off the ground. He used a rope to tie himself off while he made quick work of heavy branches with a chainsaw.

"I have a tree spike but I loaned some of my equipment to a young man who is getting into the business," he explained.

"In 66 years, I've only been cut three or four times," he said. "Once, I shredded my pants and didn't even know it till I got back down to the ground."

Wilbur's tree-trimming travels have not only taken him throughout the Midwest, when he was younger he even worked with a crew of locals in Central America.

"I taught them about trees and even how to throw a machete. None of them knew how to do it," he said. "Boy, I got their attention, I'll tell ya."

The spry 83-year old estimates he'll continue to take down trees for another five years, at least around his farm.

"I've never bought a pack of cigarettes, never bought a can of beer, never bought a bottle of whiskey and I've gone to church now 64 years... And that's what kept me," he said. "I mean, the Lord has had a couple of angels taking care of me or I wouldn't be standing here."

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