Teen with Down syndrome named honorary football captain

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WALKERTON, Ind. (WNDU) -- This time of year, many high school seniors and their parents are being honored on the football field.

Caleb Blodgett joins his brother Nate on the field for the coin toss as a captain before John Glenn faces Riley.

And one John Glenn High School football player was happy lastweek, not only because his parents were there, but also because his brother got to join him on the field in Walkerton, Indiana.

Fans filed in for last Friday night's game at John Glenn field.

“Being able to honor our seniors tonight,” John Glenn Athletic Director Eric Stephens said.

Nate Blodgett is one of those seniors, playing one of his last games at home and he wants to make it count.

“When you have an opportunity like this to do something, you want to make sure you do that,” Stephens said.

But Nate has thought a lot about this night. Because for one evening, he's promoted his little brother, Caleb, to captain.

“I know he enjoys coming to my games. He always tells me I stink afterwards,” Blodgett said.

“This is really Nate's dream to have his brother out there,” Nate and Caleb's mom Carla Blodgett said.

Caleb has Down syndrome and at 15, is the same age as some of Nate's teammates.

“He didn't get to have his brother out there like other kids got to play with their brothers,” Carla said.

“Being at the coin flip, in front of all our fans and all of Riley's fans, it's a big deal. And for them to be able to share that, it's a pretty special moment,” Stephens said.

Special, but nervous for Caleb as he follows his brother to midfield. But, it looks like Caleb is a good luck charm. He's greeted by hugs and applause back at the Falcon sideline.

“They're just like everyone else. They want to be included, handshakes, say Hello, don't be shy around them,” Carla said.

A moment this family will never forget.

Nate and his sister say eventually, they want to be Caleb's caregivers.

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