High school yearbook to feature 10-page spread on mental illness

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GRAND BLANC, Mich. (WJRT) -- Grand Blanc High School students in Grand Blanc, Michigan are shedding light on a topic that doesn't receive much attention, by devoting a portion of this year's yearbook to mental illness.

The 64-member group assembling the yearbook wanted to bring more awareness to this issue And after already hearing from students about their own problems, they're confident with the decision to put this portion in the yearbook.

"When you're older and you go back, you're going to see your yearbooks and see, 'Oh ,that's this person,' and just to know I was a part of that and I created that," said Isabella Sabo.

The upperclassmen decided it was the right time to illustrate the growing issue of mental illness.

"I think it's a prominent issues in teens and today in our school," said Olivia Bradish.

Libby Cheswick said she wanted to give her fellow classmates a new avenue to speak out on what's happening in their lives.

"I think that to learn who we really are, we have to grow through these things," she said. "Sometimes there is bad and we have to kind of discuss the bad to get to the good."

Students are given the choice to remain anonymous by filling out a form the student group created. Topics include but are not limited to: self harm, the loss of a loved one and bipolar.

"Obviously, it is something hard for people to open about because it is so personable, and really talking about it shows your weaknesses and people don't like to talk about it," Bradish said.

Any Grand Blanc student also has an opportunity to sit down with a yearbook staff member to speak to them one-on-one.

"I think it is something that needs to be talked about, and I think people need to learn that there is other people who are going through it and other people are there to help them if they need it," Cheswick said.

The mental illness spread is going to cover about 10 pages of the yearbook when it gets published in May.

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