FAMU Sports Information Director Says Goodbye

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We've had six different presidents, five head football coaches, and hundreds of wins and through it all, one thing has remained the same. Alvin Hollins has bled Orange and Green, but as he begins to pack up his office, three decades of memories come racing back.

"It's gonna be bittersweet because you never know when you're gonna walk out," Hollins said.

You won't find many people who know more about FAMU sports than Hollins, and you won't find many people who have more friends on campus than Alvin. His coaches all loved him, and he loved working with them. Most of them at least.

"The secret to longevity is to work with everybody, even the people you want to strangle on occasion. You need to work with folks," he said.

"I call him a walking encyclopedia. He's been around and understands, he's a good resource person," said current FAMU football coach Joe Taylor.

Alvin began his tenure on August 1, 1979. He's witnessed the win against Miami, the highs and lows of success and failure, and he's been there to document it all.

Now it's Alvin Hollins turn to head to the sidelines. After 30 years on the field, it's time to do something else. FAMU is a better place because of Alvin Hollins, but it won't be the same without him.

Keith Miles, the radio voice of FAMU summed it by saying, "We couldn't let this day pass without saying how much we appreciate the hard work and years of service Alvin Hollins has given all of us."

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