Airbnb numbers spike in Tallahassee during commencement season

By: Mariel Carbone
June 8, 2017

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV)— According to data released by Airbnb, more people stayed in rentals backed by the room-sharing company during the 2017 commencement season in Tallahassee, than last year.

During the weekend of the 2017 Florida A&M commencement ceremony, which was held on April 29, the percentage of guests compared the previous weekend spiked 138 percent. The total income for hosts was $86,000. 444 guests stayed with Airbnb.

The numbers are about double from FAMU’s 2016 graduation weekend, which included 271 guests and $40,000 in host revenue.

In the weekend following FAMU’s commencement ceremony, Florida State University graduation was held.

The May 5th weekend saw a 35 percent increase in Airbnb users; that’s up from FAMU’s graduation weekend. 637 guests stayed with an Airbnb host, bringing in $104,000 worth of income for hosts. In 2016, FSU’s graduation brought in only $50,000 in income for hosts, with 324 guests staying with Airbnb.

The company said the numbers indicate a “meaningful economic impact of home sharing during major college commencement ceremonies throughout Florida."

“We’re very encouraged to see how our platform has been utilized to provide affordable lodging accommodations for college families during stretches when hotels traditionally reach peak occupancy,” said Tom Martinelli, policy director of Airbnb Florida.

Leon County is home to about 300 Airbnb hosts.

Last month, the County entered a “Voluntary Collecting Agreement” with Airbnb, which facilitates the collection tax tourism dollars.

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