Arbor Trace Apartments starting neighborhood watch program

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By: Emma Wheeler | WCTV Eyewitness News
March 28, 2018

VALDOSTA, Ga. (WCTV) -- Neighbors are helping neighbors in South Georgia. The Arbor Trace Apartments is starting a new neighborhood watch program.

"My neighbors downstairs, we look out for each other. Any time there's somebody, like a face that we haven't noticed and they're just walking around or looking in certain areas, staring at apartments, we'll give each other a call," said Arbor Trace resident Marvin Capers.

The apartments have seen a range of crimes in recent months, from car burglaries to murder. Organizers of the new program hope to start meeting next month to talk about any concerns.

"Just get everyone involved, learn about their surroundings, getting to know each other, so in the event something happens or someone goes out of town that they're watching out for each other," said property manager Jermeka Register.

Their goal is to bring neighbors together to keep an eye out for one another. The Lowndes County Sheriff's Office said neighborhood watch programs are used all over the county, and they have been known to help cut down on crime. Organizers hope it does the same at Arbor Trace.

"When people take pride in where they live, it will help them pretty much look out for crime. If they see suspicious activity, go ahead, take the initiative to report it," Register said.

Capers said while he hasn't experienced many issues, one thing he does hope the program prevents is car break-ins, which he has noticed picking up, as well as make it an overall safer place to live.

"A peaceful neighborhood, no break-ins, go a whole year without any break-ins. Safer for the kids, a lot of people have kids around here, so it'll be a good environment," Capers said.

The program is open to all residents. Organizers hope to extend an invite to surrounding apartments later on.

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