Are boys and girls equal when it comes to math?

Math (Courtesy MGN Online)
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By: Ivanhoe Newswire
April 19th, 2019

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- When it comes to numbers, are boys and girls born with different skill sets? Social scientists studied 80 infants to measure a basic math skill called intuitive number sense. Researchers flashed sets of dots on a screen and recorded where the babies were looking.

Researchers also tested older boys' and girls' abilities to count and to judge quantities using a tablet. All together, the researchers looked at data from 500 kids, age six months to eight years.

They say it may be that parents and teachers perceive that boys are better than girls at math. Those stereotypes can shape girls' math learning.

Researchers suggest parents give boys and girls equal access to toys, like puzzles and blocks. Realistically, any activities that can help build math skills from the ground up are encouraged.