Arrest documents reveal new details in murder of Tallahassee mother

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By: WCTV Eyewitness News
December 6, 2018

Reginald Gibson, Elisa Thompson

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Arrest documents reveal new information surrounding the kidnapping and murder of a Tallahassee woman last week.

Warning: Some of the details of the report are graphic. Discretion is advised.

26-year-old Elisa Thompson was reported missing on November 29 when she didn't show up to pick up her child from school. Coworkers reported seeing a man approach Thompson as she sat in her vehicle during lunch break and the two driving off together.

The next evening, Thompson's body was found in the back of her vehicle, which was left abandoned in a parking lot in the 2800 block of Sharer Road. Investigators say she had been stabbed to death.

31-year-old Reginald Gibson was arrested and charged with Thompson's murder.

According to arrest documents, investigators spoke with one of Gibson's ex-girlfriends, who worked at the same call center as Thompson. The ex-girlfriend said that just two days beforehand, Gibson had abducted her at knifepoint as she arrived to pick up her child from daycare. She said Gibson drove driven her to his house and held her there for three hours against her will until a roommate came home.

The day after Thompson's disappearance, another witness called 911 to report that Gibson was at the Talla Villa Apartments on East Magnolia Drive, where Thompson lived. The witness also said that Gibson had made an admission about murdering a woman and had mentioned leaving a vehicle abandoned in a parking lot off of Sharer Road.

Authorities converged on the apartment and located Gibson. While being held at gunpoint, Gibson reportedly told officers to shoot him and repeatedly reached for his pocket as if he was armed. He was ultimately tasered and taken into custody. Police say during his arrest, Gibson removed a folding knife from his pocket and threw it on the ground. The knife was locked open and appeared to have blood on it.

A short time later, officers located Thompson's body in the abandoned vehicle, as described by the witness.

Investigators later interviewed another witness who was with Gibson that evening. The witness said Gibson told him he had "messed up". Gibson allegedly claimed that he had been in a sexual relationship with Thompson and thought she was going to make an allegation that he had raped her.

The witness said Gibson admitted to stabbing Thompson and then driving in her vehicle to look for his ex-girlfriend. Gibson said at one point he was following the ex-girlfriend's car when the vehicle was stopped by a deputy and he continued driving past them. He allegedly said he then heard Thompson "kicking" and stopped the vehicle to stab her again in the chest. The witness said Gibson told him he was sure the victim was deceased and described how when he stabbed her close to her heart the final time "she stopped moving."

According to arrest documents, Gibson later told investigators that he had originally traveled to Thompson's work to look for his ex-girlfriend. He said he saw Thompson in the parking lot and approached her, claiming that he knew her and that the two had a previous casual relationship. Gibson said he asked Thompson to drive him to go look for the ex-girlfriend.

Gibson allegedly said Thompson declined to drive him, saying she had to return to work. The report states Gibson said he got into the vehicle and Thompson moved to the passenger seat, adding, "I guess I scared her... I told her I didn't want to hurt her." Investigators say Gibson added, "I told her not to get out because I didn't want the police to come."

Gibson claims the two ultimately drove back to his residence and had sex. When asked, he claimed that it was consensual.

Gibson then said Thompson attempted to leave, but he was afraid she was going to contact law enforcement. He also admitted to being enraged over a situation involving his ex-girlfriend.

The arrest report states, "Gibson would not provide a detailed admission as to how he carried out Thompson's murder. However, at no point -- even when challenged directly -- did he deny that he had committed the murder."

Investigators later served a search warrant at Gibson's home, where they found a woman's earring, small amounts of blood splatter on the mattress and the walls of the bedroom and a jacket that matched the one Thompson was wearing when she was last seen alive. Investigators also confirmed that Gibson had washed his comforter within the last 24 hours.

Gibson remains in the Leon County Detention Facility on multiple charges, including carjacking, kidnapping and premeditated murder.

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