Atlanta high school students allegedly rape 15-year-old girl at park

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By: Angelina Velasquez | CBS 46 Atlanta
May 15, 2019

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Three male teenagers have been charged after Atlanta police were called to Grady High School for reports of a 15-year-old girl being raped on Wednesday.

The teen told investigators she arrived to school late at 9:30 a.m. after missing her bus and proceeded to her first class. After class ended, she met up with a male friend, who she'd known since eighth grade, who suggested they skip their next class and go to Piedmont Park with two of his friends. She obliged.

The teens first hung out near the dog park before going to the family restroom by the pool. Once inside, the boys, who range between the ages of 15 and 16, began pestering the girl to perform oral sex on them, but she refused their advances.

Police say despite the girl's refusal to engage in any sexual activity, the boys continued to pressure her. As a last ditch effort to persuade the boys to stop and let her leave, she told them she would bite them.

"If you bite me, I'm going to slap the f*** out of you," responded one suspect.

The victim says she was then forced on the ground, her pants removed and told to hold her legs at the ankle. Before either suspects could assault her, she managed to run to the corner of restroom where she demanded they give her pants back. The boys refused.

According to arrest documents, one suspect told the other two boys to leave. He then grabbed the victim, bent her over the counter and put his elbow in her back before the victim wiggled away from him. With more force, he picked her up, placed her on the counter and began to rape her. Shortly after the rape began, the two other boys walked back in and said it was time to go. Only then did the rape stop, the victim claims.

The victim managed to get her pants on and run from the bathroom, stopping twice to ask two women if she could use their phones, in hopes of calling her own cellphone, which was taken along with her bag during the attack.

When she arrived back at school, a female friend reportedly noticed the victim was disheveled and physically upset. Several other students were made aware of the attack and attempted to find the boys.

A gym teacher, who was made aware of the attack, contacted police.

Suspect 1 is charged with rape, false imprisonment and aggravated sodomy. Suspects 2 and 3 are is charged with criminal attempt, false imprisonment and aggravated sodomy.

The investigation is ongoing.

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