Attorney General Pam Bondi holds crime victims' rights ceremony

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By: Erika Fernandez | WCTV Eyewitness News
April 11, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) -- Florida's top law enforcement official was in the capital city paying tribute to those who've helped victims of crimes.

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi was surrounded by victim's advocates Wednesday morning as victims shared their powerful stories.

Victims took the stand and recalled some of the most dreadful and terrifying moments in their lives. They also remembered the amazing victim advocates that helped pull them out of their darkest times, and are helping them thrive today.

Six men and women were honored Wednesday morning. Attorney General Pam Bondi said victim advocates go above and beyond to help those going through their long and sometimes never ending road to recovery, and they're still striving to improve the services they provide.

Two of those victims spoke about the worst nights of their life. One of them was Melissa Dohme Hill. She was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend in front of her home. But today, thanks to the victims advocate services she was provided through Hands Across the Bay, she calls herself a ‘sur-thriver’.

"A survivor that is thriving and on a mission to make a difference. You have no idea how your story could unlock someone else's prison and your words could make such an impact and be the words that inspire them to break free,” said Melissa Dohme Hill.

These survivors accredit a lot of their success after those traumatic events to their victim advocates, some of which were honored on Wednesday.

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